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TGIF - So This is My Second Life

Nov. 14th, 2009 08:02 pm TGIF

I partied in the city last night with my co-worker Meghan. She wanted to introduce all of us at work to her guy when he came to town. Of course, it sounded like fun to me. I really like Meghan. She is feisty and full of life. Her sense of humor is pretty keen, too.

We went for drinks after work and then to dinner. Since both of us commute to the city from the suburbs at opposite ends of the map, we asked Jeff where we should go. He recommended Hub 51. So that is where we headed off to and once we went in, we loved it immediately. After a couple of liquid refreshments, I ordered some sushi for an appetizer. Meghan had never had sushi. So I asked the waitress what was her favorite and she pointed out a tuna roll that sounded wonderful. She had a couple of pieces and I think she liked it. I thought it was very good. The roll I ordered reminded me of the "Perfect Seven" that I used to order from Yoshi on Grand Cayman. Jake seemed to love everything.

We had dinner, told many stories, laughed alot and decided to go over to the House of Blues for an after dinner apertif. We walked over and found that the club area was closed for a private party. I asked the guy at the door where he would go from there if he were in our shoes. He said they always end up at Andy's, a jazz bar around the corner. Of course, that was where we headed. We got in for the last set of a small combo and had to wait just a bit for the next group to set up. But it turned out to be worth the wait. Sitting at the bar, we were close to the music.

It was a great evening, but all good things must come to an end. Like Cinderella, I had to be at the train station to catch my train. We parted company and I hailed a cab. I did make my train and the ride home was pretty quiet. A perfect ending to a good evening.

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