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Viva La Mexico! - So This is My Second Life

May. 6th, 2009 08:02 am Viva La Mexico!

I am home from my fabulous vacation along the Caribbean. Seven amazing days of dazzlingly white beaches and gloriously blue waters, with the sun sparkling in the sky (well, most of the time).

Yes, amid all the hoopla about swine flu, we traveled to Mexico. It was a working vacation for Joe, but pure pleasure for me. Unsure of what we would ultimately encounter, we embarked on our trip with excitement and just a wee bit of trepidation. After all, the media was working overtime to make it sound like the pits of hell -- contagion at every turn. Friends and family voiced their concern at our decision to continue on with our trip as planned. They were not merely concerned with our well-being, but were concerned with their own upon our return. Would we be returning home merely to infect them with the newest plague?

At the various airports and shopping meccas we visited, we noticed a scant few people wearing face masks. At many of the restaurants away from the resorts, we found the servers wearing face masks in addition to their hairnets and rubber gloves. But none of the people we encountered exhibited symptoms of illness -- no sneezing, no watery eyes, no phlegmy coughing. Just healthy adults and children. And lots of empty space.

During our trip, we stayed in three separate hotels along the coast, from Cancun to the Mayan Riviera. All of them five star and none of them filled to capacity. We found ourselves in one of the most prized vacation destinations and we were basically alone.

The service we received was exceptional. And the people, always pleasant and smiling, were nervous. Their economy is based upon tourist dollars and thanks to the media the tourists were staying away. We talked to everyone we encountered, seeking information about the flu and its effect on the already taxed economy.

Which brings me to a thought I keep having -- when is the news not really news? When does it cross that line? I notice that now that I am home, the reporters appear to have pulled back on their reporting of the "pandemic" and have now moved on to other news. (The one fact that keeps running through my mind is the one that 38,000 people die from the flu every year -- in AMERICA. The normal everyday flu that we all tend to get. 38,000.) The flu is still out there and more people are having to deal with it, but now less time is being spent reporting on it. However, the damage is already done. Shame on them.

I believe that the Mexican people will pull through this crisis, just as they have done in the past. They are a resilient people, warm-hearted and hard working. I can't wait to return to their country to enjoy their hospitality.

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Date:June 5th, 2009 07:47 pm (UTC)

Hi Bev!

I'm going to be in Chicago in mid-July and wondered if you would be in town or travelling at that time. I'd like to try to get to see you if possible.

Date:June 6th, 2009 01:10 pm (UTC)

Re: Hi Bev!

ABSOLUTELY! I would love to see you. I will send you my contact info. Cool Beans!