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Bambi and friends - So This is My Second Life

Mar. 25th, 2009 08:05 pm Bambi and friends

They are taking a survey about the deer. They want to know how many are in the herd and how they impact the landscape. They asked us if we encourage the deer to come onto our property. All of the questions in the beginning of the survey were fairly innocuous. But later the questions turned a bit sinister. There were questions about allowing bow hunters and men with rifles onto our properties to take out the deer if it is determined that there are too many. Too many? The most we have seen in the area are 14 and they were in my yard and scattered throughout the woods that are across the road from my house. I should think that an area of this size could maintain a heard of 14 to 20. Yeah, yeah. If we can see 14 does that mean that there are more out there that we don't see? Of course. But this is a lush green area filled with trees and foliage of all sorts. We have so much of the food that they seek.

I know deer stay within a couple of miles of the area where they are born, but I also know that nature has a way of dealing with overcrowding. And the deer in this area have something else to deal with -- freeways. We don't see many deer on the road, but when they do venture across the freeways and meet with the trucks that also share this roadway, it can be devastating.

But do I want the hunters to come and hunt them? No. And that is an emphatic no. I don't want the hunters in my yard or in my neighborhood. I would rather be overwhelmed by the deer than have someone here picking them off like so many flies.

Don't get me wrong. I have cooked many a deer roast. My ex used to hunt and I made sure he ate whatever he brought home. There were years that I bought no meat at the grocery store because of the deer that stocked my freezer. And if people are hunting to put food on their tables, that is fine in my book. But to "cull" the herd because people don't want them eating their flowers and shrubs is crossing a line to me.

Yes, I think nature will take care of the population. They will either run out of food or they will meet up with the coyotes we hear at night or the wolves we don't see. I would rather let nature do what she does so well than have them shot in my vicinity.

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